1. Do I need to sign up to use the site?
You do not need to sign up in order to use the site or submit reviews.  If you do choose to sign up, you will be able to bookmark your favourite classes, local groups and events as well as see the reviews you have submitted.

We do not sign you up to any mailing lists if you sign up.  Please see our privacy policy.

2. How do I sign up?
Simply click here to register.

3. How do I change the email address/username/password/profile image on my account?
All these can be changed from My Account.

4. How do I delete my account?
Your account can be deleted from My Account.  Deleting your account will have an immediate effect and you will no longer be able to log into the site.  Your content will be removed/amended as follows:

Post Type Impact
All comments submitted Immediately deleted
All reviews submitted Manually deleted as soon as is practicable after your request.

5. How do I view my bookmarks, reviews and votes?
These are all available from My Account.  Click on either Classes and local groups or Events from within My Account.

6. How do I contact a business?
Contact details are shown on the right-hand side when you click on an individual listing page.  Some business accounts have a handy contact form below this.

7. Where can I find your privacy and cookies policy?
It is available here.