All listing types (classes, local groups and events) are managed from My Account.  Simply log in or register to start adding new listings.

1. What listings are eligible?
We try to list all businesses or individuals with a permanent location or events with a set location within the UK only.  We do not list individuals looking for bookings and do not have classes or events already set up.  Further guidance on the categories we list is given below.

  • Classes: Businesses and individuals with set timetables and classes in both single and multiple locations are eligible.  Multiple locations for the same business may be set up on the same listing or on multiple listings depending on whether the experience is expected to vary widely between locations.
  • Local groups: Groups which meet to practice together on a regular basis, including some level of teaching.
  • Events*: Courses, festivals, conventions, workshops and one-off local group meetups outside of regular meetings.

*Only events which have not yet finished are shown in the events list.  Old events are automatically removed from view, although they will still be available to view within My Account.

2. How do I see all my listings and orders?
All your listings (pending and approved) and orders are managed through My Account.

3. How do I add a listing?
Before you submit a listing, please check that the entry is not already in the directory.  If the listing already exists, you can claim it.  All listing types (classes, local groups and events) are added from My Account.  Simply click on the navigation tree on the left-hand side of the screen to select your listing type and then click the plus symbol.  When the page opens, select your listing plan, complete the details and click on "add to cart".  If your listing requires a payment you will be taken to the checkout to provide your payment details.  Your listing will appear in my account as "on hold", then as "processing" once payment has been received.

Please note that any new listings will appear in my account as "on hold" or "processing" and will not show up in search results or the listing page until the Circus Everyday team has verified your information and any payment if required, has reached our bank account.  This process may take a while as we are a small team.

We advise you add your own photo to your listing.  If you do not add a photo, we will add one from our small list of stock photos.

4. How to edit or delete a listing?
Your listings can be edited from your My Account.  You can only edit a listing that you have either submitted or have successfully claimed.

If you want to delete a listing, please contact us with the reasons for the deletion.

5. How to claim an existing listing?
You must be logged in to claim an existing listing.  To claim a listing, log into the site, search for your listing and click on it to get to the detailed listing page.  Select the yellow claim button and provide any support that you have available to show this listing is related to you.

After you click submit, the claim will be shown as pending on your dashboard and can be edited.  Once the Circus Everyday team has verified your claim, the listing will show as approved. You will receive a notification email once your listing is approved or if it is rejected.

6. Why can't I see the claim button option for a listing?
You must be logged in to claim an existing listing.  If you still cannot see a claim option, this could be because it has already been claimed by someone else.  Our listings only allow for one owner.

7. What is the advantage of claiming my listing?
Unclaimed listings only contain basic information on your business.  By claiming your listing you will be able to add further information such as tags and photos and can choose to upgrade your listing to include even more features.

8. How do I make my listing featured or upgrade my listing?
Featured listings are shown within the photo slider at the top of the relevant directory page as long as a photo has been included on the listing and if it is an event, it has not finished. Please note that only the first photo on the listing is shown in the featured photo slider.  Featured classes are also listed before any other directory items.  Your listing may also be upgraded from a standard to a pro listing (see pricing plans).

To order an add-on or upgrade your listing, go to your listing on My Account, select the cog image and click on either "order add on" or "upgrade/downgrade".  Complete the details and provide payment by direct debit/BACS.  You can also downgrade your listing the same way.

Once completed your order status will be shown as On Hold until payment has been received and then your order will be shown as Processing until the details have been checked by our team.