1. Should I respond to reviews?
Our visitors appreciate the interaction and so we advise that you do respond to reviews by adding a comment.

If the review is a positive one, a short polite message will generally suffice.  If the review is a negative one, please remember not everyone will be happy. Take a moment and respond politely.  If appropriate, also note how you are taking their feedback on board as our visitors love to see continuous improvements.

2. What do I do if my business has an inappropriate review?
Each review has a "flag content" button where you can report an inappropriate review.  We will not remove reviews because they are negative, but we will remove reviews which are not in line with our review guidelines:

  • Inappropriate content: Such as profanities, threats or personal insults.
  • Inconsistent reviews: The review has a rating inconsistent with the text (e.g. excellent, but given one star)
  • Commerical or promotional content: Your business page allows you to promote your own business.  Reviewers should not use the opportunity to promote other businesses.

We will also remove reviews which are deemed to be inappropriate for other reasons not specified above, for example, privacy.

Every flag we receive will be reviewed, however, we do not respond to individual notifications.  If you wish to receive confirmation from us, please include this request within the description in the flag content form.  As we are a small team, it can take some time to work through all the requests.