Are you looking for a fun and unique way to improve your fitness?

Silk and Steel Studio runs weekly aerial acrobatic classes in Exeter and no prior experience is needed to join! Learn the popular circus arts of Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop in a safe and supportive environment.

Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks classes will teach you to wrap, climb, suspend, fall and transition seamlessly between two lengths of fabric. As well as being a full-body workout, the fabric theory will also challenge your body awareness and cognitive skills. Progression is made through a structured repertoire of skills to enable you to safely and confidently excel in this popular aerial discipline.

Aerial Hoop
Aerial Hoop classes will guide you through a variety of acrobatic skills on the circular steel ring. Learn to transition from static holds and balances to dynamic rolls, drops and spins. Emphasis is placed on creating fluid sequences that move above, below and within the hoop, challenging both your strength and flexibility.

Aerial Sling
A loop of fabric that hangs from the ceiling (also known as aerial hammock) and similar in appearance to those used in Aerial Yoga. A low intensity class and fantastic introduction to aerial fitness, ideal for those looking to build confidence in the air and improve body tone. Learn the fundamentals of aerial and flow through sequences in this graceful practice.

Stretch & Flex
Stretch and strengthen in one workout. This flexibility and conditioning class is designed to complement your aerial training. A circuit-based bodyweight workout incorporating both ground-based and aerial exercises, followed by a structured stretching program to help increase range of motion and improve active flexibility.

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