Woman hanging upside down on aerial silks on a sky background

Circus arts aren’t just for the professionals

Circus arts are available to everyone. These days it isn't restricted to professional performers who have trained from a young age. There are hundreds of classes and events around the country and they just keep increasing.


Well firstly, who is able to look at the photo above and not think "wow, that's so cool..."?!  There are so many benefits to practising circus arts and we have heard so many stories about how it is changed people's lives for the better.

Here are just some of the benefits

1. Fitness and health - the benefits of doing exercise are well documented and the NHS even cites it as a miracle cure!  Plus you will be super strong and toned too (we love the satisfaction of being the person in the house who has to open all the jars!).

2. Challenge - Beat the boredom of your gym routine and shake it up with circus arts.  There are so many different challenges with heaps of different sports and moves to try, there is always something you can learn.

3. Meeting people - Classes are social and the circus arts people are a super friendly bunch.  You'll make some fab friends in no time and wonder what you ever did before you met them!

4. Mental health - research shows that exercise boosts self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

5. Fun! - (come on... we don't need to explain this one...)

Maybe you think you won't be able to do any of it because you aren't fit, strong, flexible, skinny, young, able-bodied [add your own excuse in here...], well we have come to tell you that you are wrong. 

Yes, wrong.

Circus arts can be performed by anyone and even adapted for your own abilities.  No two people are the same and the best thing is that you will get stronger in every class.  No one starts off being super strong and you'll find yourself celebrating with your new friends as you achieve each challenge.  Don't believe us?  Take a look at our Founder's real-life story.

Just get up and have a go, you might surprise yourself.

Circus Everyday team

P.S. We take no responsibility for circus arts taking over your life.

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